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Make / Model

Precise Color Match and OEM Integration

Seamless integration with interior lighting including auto or manual dimming to match dash brightness.

Advanced Custom Programming

Designed and programmed specifically for each car and engine, so you can be sure all features will function as expected.

Live Performance and Sensor Data

Instant “as it happens” data display of multiple parameters with virtually no lag or delay.

Built In Acceleration Performance Timer

Automatic start and stop 0-60mph (0-100kph) timer for evaluating your car’s performance or your driving skill.*

Diagnostic Data Interpretation & Reset

Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) to reduce trips to the dealership.

3x Analog Inputs for High Precision Sensors

Universal 0-5v inputs for adding additional sensors or switching boost to an analog vacuum tap.

* please obey all traffic laws

Wire-in analog harness/software for Analog Mode


Product Description

Requires a gauge with built in boost sensor and includes analog mode software. Please contact us before ordering to check compatibility. YOUR CONTROL BOX MUST HAVE A BOOST/VAC NIPPLE ON THE BOX Install using these instructions: http://p3cars.com/content/pdf/bmw-non-obd2.pdf